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Is the FREE 5-Day Build Your First Instagram DM Funnel Challenge for you?

Whichever one you are, this challenge is guaranteed to teach you the most cutting-edge techniques to bring your Instagram DM game to the next level—JUST in time for the brand new chat features that Instagram is about to release for ALL users across the algorithm.

In just 5 days, you won’t just learn how to build an Instagram Chatbot Funnel—you’ll actually implement it yourself, with direct coaching from the founders of the world’s #1 chatbot agency.

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When you join the FREE 5-Day Build Your First Instagram DM Funnel Challenge, you will:

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Meet Your Trainer

Natasha Takahashi

School of Bots is the leading training resource for creating successful chatbots.

Since 2016, we’ve built and managed chatbot marketing systems for industry leaders including ClickFunnels, Foundr, Mindvalley, Russell Brunson, Billy Gene Is Marketing, DigitalMarketer, Social Media Examiner, Matthew Hussey, and more.

Along the way, we developed the most comprehensive training resources for creating revenue-generating chatbot campaigns and have trained over 10,000 marketers, agencies, and business teams.

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of chatbot marketing and positive consumer behavior around the tech.

The leading chat platform ManyChat frequently hires us to consult, train their customers, and build chatbot campaigns. Facebook has also hired us to teach their highest spending partners how to create revenue-generating chatbots.

Natasha Takahashi


Our co-founder Natasha has shared chat marketing insights on over 100+ stages and podcasts across 7 countries, alongside influencers like Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Randi Zuckerberg.

We've Built Chatbot Marketing Systems For Industry Leaders, Including:

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At just 1 hour each day for 5 days straight, the entire challenge experience has been designed for optimal results in the most efficient time possible. We usually charge thousands to clients for this information, but today, you’ll get them for free.

(Value: $199)


Each day, we’ll be going live in our community to share our industry secrets, give feedback, and interact in real time. Connect with fellow marketers and business leaders who share similar values of innovation and being ahead of the curve.

(Value: $49)


To maximize your learning, we have unabridged transcripts so you can search any keyword, a matching workbook so you can have daily guided exercises, and finally, a cohesive slide deck that compiles all the important insights so you don’t have to.

(Value: $152)


For this challenge, we’re doing something extra special. If we reach 10K registrants by the time we go live, we’ll be giving away ANOTHER free training to help you lock in your ideal chatbot client. Invite your friends and unlock this bonus together!

(Value: $99)


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LIVE on August 16 at 9.00AM PDT

Day 1

Mind the Gap

We’ll be kicking off the challenge by setting the stage for everything you need to learn.

You’ll understand how our entire Instagram DM System works, the prime opportunities for maximizing your own automated DM funnel, and previous case studies you can get inspired by as you go through the next 5 days in our free bootcamp.

Day 2

What Is A Chatbot?

On day 2, we’ll ramp things up by getting crystal-clear about what exactly a chatbot is in today’s digital marketing landscape and how it fits into your overall funnel.

You’ll learn how Instagram DM automations work, as well as the results you can expect in your own company, business, or client cases when you implement them yourself.

Day 3

Build Your Own Chatbot

(No coding or previous experience necessary, either.)

On the third day, we’ll go straight into the process of applying everything you’ve learned so far so you can build your first ever chatbot from scratch!

You’ll learn the methodology behind the campaigns that run them, as well as the psychology of what makes them work so you can increase your leads and revenue.

Day 4

Your 1st IG DM Automation

On day 4, things get even more exciting as you implement your first chatbot and actually begin testing and optimizing it in real time so you can see some results.

You’ll have the opportunity to receive tailor-fit feedback on your campaign, and you’ll understand how to translate this into easy sales that will grow into predictable revenue over time.

Day 5

How to Get Chatbot Clients

That was fast! On the final day of the free challenge, you’ll learn how to implement IG bots for yourself, and even for your clients if you own or work at an agency.

You’ll learn how you can sell chatbot marketing as a service, how to find your ideal client, and how to use all of these to your advantage to close the sale each time.

Automate Your DMs, Boost Your Sales, and Master the Next Big Thing in Marketing Today 🔥

LIVE on August 16 at 9.00 AM PDT

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